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April 2022

Notes ยท May 1, 2022

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Sleep Schedule

Surprisingly, it feels really great to wake up at the same time every day. Who knew? I had a random sleep schedule during the last few years and, although is had its benefits, I think that fixed sleep schedule is a better choice, because:

  • It makes me a bit more productive
  • It gets dark very early in Thailand so waking up early allows me to catch more daylight
  • My dog appreciates fixed schedule since dogs are creatures of habit, they like to know when to expect things like food and walks

Improving News App

My feed reader is ripe for a major refactoring, mostly thanks to a lot of new features me and other contributors were introducing recently. The goal is to improve code readability and test coverage. I’m also planning to improve my standalone web feed parser.

The most painful thing to refactor is the way the app deals with feed and entry links. The current approach includes assumptions about the number and the nature of those links, which conflicts with both the spec and the real world. I think it’s time to make things right.


I know next to nothing about Linux audio stack, but it’s really hard not to notice PipeWire. It has been gaining a lot of traction recently, so I’ve decided to check it out.


As usual, ArchWiki is the best place to start reading about Linux software. I installed all the main PipeWire-related packages and everything seems to work like a charm. I was able to amending audio device properties with WirePlumber, and it allowed me to disable an audio output device and a mic I never use, which helped me de-clutter audio settings UI. Having less devices enabled also helps the system to fall back to proper audio devices when I disconnect my headset.


Looks like there was a lot of drama after Elon Musk announced that he’s going to buy Twitter. I’m not a big fan of his, but I honestly don’t see why it is a bad thing. In fact, I’m pretty sure Twitter would become a better place with Musk in charge. Twitter in its current state is a disaster, and it desperately needs a lot of quick and radical changes. We’ll see how it plays out, but I’m cautiously optimistic.


Mastodon devs had finally released an official Android client a few days ago, which could make Mastodon more appealing to a wider audience. Truth to be told, Mastodon is much less addictive than Twitter, for various reasons, so it’s going to be really hard for the new users to stick with it. It’s not like we have any open alternatives though, so it might be worth the effort.

Book: Meditations

This book is considered one of the cornerstones of Stoic thought and so this is certainly a must-read for anyone who’s interested in Stoicism. I heard a lot of good things about Meditations and many people like to re-read it dozens and even hundreds of times. Now I understand why. This book is a pleasant read, but it’s pretty intense, so I’d advise anyone to take their time and not to rush through it. Checking out Marcus Aurelius bio also helps to better understand the context.

After reading through a few takes on the history of philosophy, I’m preparing myself for the actual philosophical works. Meditations seemed to be a good start, and that’s why I choose to read it.

Movie: Better Call Saul (Season 6)

I watched only three episodes so far, and they were as great as I expected them to be. Apart from the great story, there is something catchy and breathtaking in the filming technique used in this movie. I really enjoy when a camera picks a single insignificant object on the scene and shows what happens to it in the macro view. Those moments are beautiful, and I wonder if they have any meaning apart from showing that even the smallest and most unrelated objects are full of life and many interesting things happen to them all the time.

Movie: The Sinner

This is a classic detective movie in a sense that it’s pretty dark and unpredictable. Some episodes are a bit boring, but it’s a great movie in general.