Deleting My Patreon Account
August 4, 2023  |  Self-Sovereignty  ·  Finance

Here is a quote from an e-mail I received from Patreon this morning:

Hi there,

Recently, one or more of your Patreon payments may have been declined and erroneously flagged as fraudulent by your bank. We’ve traced the issue back to system upgrades required by one of our payment processing partners. You may see some payments declined while the changes take effect:

  1. If you are experiencing declined payments, please try the following steps: Contact your card issuer to confirm the charge is valid, and retry that card

  2. If retrying does not work, please try a different payment method. You can edit your payment method in your Settings, under Billing History.

While it’s not entirely their fault, fully relying on third-party payment processors is a conscious choice. From now on, I’ll be only supporting the projects which take direct donations in bitcoins, since I just don’t have time to deal with all the friction created by the fiat system.