French Press and Beyond
August 20, 2023  |  Coffee  ·  Food

French press is a cheap low-tech coffee brewing device, and I’ve been using it for years with no complaints. The main reason why I got a French press is that it’s the easiest way to brew a decent cup of coffee, but I’m starting to get bored with that coffee style, so I want to experiment with something new.

Obviously, espresso is a Holy Grail of coffee making, and that’s what most cafes are selling, since cappuccino, latte, and americano are all just plain espresso shots in disguise. The main problem with espresso is that it’s pretty tricky to prepare, and you also need to have some expensive and clumsy equipment, which often makes it unsuitable for home coffee making.

Well, at least, that’s what I thought, until I got introduced to manual espresso makers, such as Flair. It turns out, it’s possible to make cafe-grade espresso at home, with one of those simple and affordable devices. I’ve decided to order one of them, so I’ll be back with the results soon.