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Energy Bill - Part 1

May 3, 2022

Gasoline isn’t the only thing which is getting more expensive, and I now have to pay almost $0.15 per kWh of electricity, which translates to $200 a month given my current consumption.

I got curious if I can bring my power consumption down and what are the effects of my electronic devices on the total bill. Air-cons were the main suspects, but it turned out that the main abuser is LED light. It might seem impossible, given that LED is advertised as a magical power-saving measure. Well, those lights aren’t that power-hungry, and they consume about 15W each, but there are 26 LED lights in my house, so it can easily add up to 390 kWh.

Next month, I’ll run a little experiment where I’ll try to use fans instead of air-cons. I will also stop leaving lights on when no one needs them. Will see how it plays out, but my rough calculations are promising:

Expected power consumption

If those numbers are more or less correct, I should expect more than a 5-fold decrease in energy expenses.

I remember doing some calculations to figure out the payback period on a solar system in Thailand. Since the energy prices went up, the payback period has to go down, and it did. It turns out there are come upsides in legacy energy sources getting more expensive, it could accelerate our transition to renewable energy. The transition is imminent, and it can be done by the market forces alone, but cheap and widely available government-backed credit can help, I guess.