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Far Cry

December 18, 2021

The first Far Cry game which I beat was Far Cry 5 and I enjoyed it. It also sparked my interest in this whole series, so I’ve decided to start from the very beginning: the original Far Cry. The game aged well, and it also runs smoothly on Linux in 4K. The graphics looks a bit dated indeed, but it doesn’t look too ancient. I remember trying this game in school, but I got bored after a few minutes of playing the original Far Cry.

Probably, something has changed in my game preferences since that time. I never really liked FPS games, so that might explain why I wasn’t interested in the first games from this series. Far Cry 5 is barely a shooter, it’s more of a mix of many genres. The original Far Cry feels more like a classical FPS: no open world, no weapon mods, no commerce or RPG elements, no crafting, etc. In other words, it’s a bit more limited than the games I used to play, but it was a great experience nevertheless.