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Steam on Linux

October 21, 2021

Of course, the best way to test a new GPU is to play some games. Gaming have long been a Windows-exclusive activity, but things are changing at a rapid pace. Installing Steam on Linux is even easier than doing the same thing on Windows, but that’s not the main thing which stopped Linux gaming for a long time. The main problem is: a lot of games aren’t cross-platform, and they choose to target Windows exclusively. Things are getting better, but it’s unlikely that we ever reach 100% coverage with Linux, unless we find a way to run Windows games on Linux. It’s not an easy task, but Proton team works really hard on that, and it shows.

Today, a little more than 50% of my Steam library is officially supported on Linux. Frankly, it’s enough games to keep me busy for the rest of my life, but the trend is clear. As Proton gets better, we will be able to play pretty much any game on Linux, even if its own developers didn’t plan for that. I’m pretty sure 90%+ is doable in the next few years. Personally, I stopped using a separate Windows environment for gaming because most games I like to play are working great on Linux.