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Squid Game

October 29, 2021

It was impossible to avoid all the hype around Squid Game. I’m not sure if this movie lives up to that hype, but I found it pretty interesting. I wouldn’t say the plot is unique, but this movie is made with effort, and it shows. Interestingly, there is a movie on Netflix called Alice in Borderland, which looks strikingly similar to Squid Game. This movie is much older, but it looks like that it never gained much traction outside Japanese market. Makes me wonder if I missed something really distinctive about Squid Game.

Another interesting thing about Squid Game is its production costs. There is a consensus among movie producers that US had become too expensive to make movies. Many are saying that Netflix can cut its production costs by a few times by moving production overseas. I think it’s a great news, and I hope that the movie making will become more geographically and culturally diverse.