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Hitman 2

September 7, 2021

This game is created by assholes, and they don’t really try to hide it. It’s exploitative all the way down the line. It starts with forcing you to accept a bogus privacy policy. I declined, so it disabled most of in-game content until I change my mind. I didn’t, but it kept reminding me of those missed features all the time. Well, it is only a first dark pattern I stumbled upon, the next one is even more sinister. It turns out, Hitman 2 is not a self-contained game but just a launcher for a bunch of add-ons which you need to buy in order to fully experience this game. Sony shouldn’t really allow such garbage in their store.

Apart from that, the gameplay is OK and the graphics is nice. I enjoyed a couple of “free” levels. It’s much easier than the original Hitman, but it can be challenging at times. I got this game for free via PS Plus, so I have no regrets. I wouldn’t ever pay for such a game though.