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Debian 11

August 26, 2021

I have to confess, most of my servers and workstations run Ubuntu, but I always have at least a single Debian machine. One of the features that tipped the scale to the Ubuntu side is the lack of proper WireGuard support in Debian 10. I also have a fleet of Raspberry Pi servers, and they’re all Ubuntu-based, since it’s the only properly supported server distro (Raspberry Pi OS is too niche, and it mostly focused on education). I don’t think I’ll migrate my Pi’s to Debian any time soon, bit I’m planning to give it a go on my main laptop and desktop.

Speaking of my desktop, it has a Zen 3 CPU and Debian 11 comes with a kernel v5.10, which is the first kernel with the full Zen 3 support. That was a close call, but it looks like it’s going to work just fine, and it won’t have any missing features.