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August 5, 2021

I’ve been playing Bloodborne before, but I didn’t manage to beat it yet. Now I’m already reached the last location, but I decided to explore chalice dungeons before triggering the end of game. Well, I’m just scared of trying it again, so I decided to level up my character first. Anyway, this game is really cool and its extremely re-playable. It reminds me Diablo series, and I wish Diablo 3 was more like Bloodborne. The main difference is the source of re-playability. Diablo games are focused on trying different characters and “builds”, but there is no such thing in Bloodborne. Instead, the main cause of excitement is higher uncertainty when it comes to fight. In Bloodborne, even the weakest enemies can easily kill you, if you make a mistake. It encourages players to stay sharp and engaged. Also, collecting items is less addictive in Bloodborne, and it feels like a good thing.