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Blockstream Talk

August 11, 2021

Blockstream is one of the most recognized names in the Bitcoin space, and I don’t think any other company can match them in terms of added value to the whole ecosystem. Those guys keep contributing code to Bitcoin repo, and they’re also heavily involved in building infrastructure around Bitcoin. There is a reason why this company is valued at a few billion USD, after all.

One of the recent Blockstream contributions to the Bitcoin community is their new podcast. The first episode features Adam Back, and it’s focused on the history of ideas and technology behind Bitcoin. This episode isn’t technical, the conversation focuses on the origin story of Bitcoin and the reasons why it was invented. It also covers how it works, especially compared with its predecessors, but don’t expect many nitty-gritty details on that. Ironically, Adam Back would be one of the best folks to ask about those details, but I’m now sure it’s the trajectory this podcast wants to pursue. Unfortunately, this podcast doesn’t seem to have a website and a standalone feed, so here is a YouTube link.