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Framework Laptop

July 18, 2021

One of the things I learned the hard way is the importance of preferring easily repairable hardware, especially when it comes to laptops. It’s also nice to be able to upgrade my SSD or add more RAM. I’m currently using Dell XPS 13, and I bought it precisely because it’s super easy to upgrade and repair such a laptop. I already replaced its battery once, and I’m planning to equip it with a latest-gen SSD in the near future. Dell did a good job with this laptop, but we can do better. Framework Laptop looks like it takes extensibility and repairability to the next level.

Replaceable RAM is a radical departure from the rest of the laptop market, and I wonder if it’s going to backfire. Some initial reviewers point that the battery life isn’t that good, at least for now. Maybe it’s a price of non-soldered RAM? I’m not a hardware expert, but I hope that this product succeeds and sets the trend for the whole market.