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US Antitrust Bills

June 30, 2021

It looks like the US government starts to realize the harm done by big tech companies, which confirms my optimistic outlook on the future of tech industry. I remember times when companies like Apple, Google, and even Facebook offered a lot of value. Things started to change during the last decade. Slowly but surely, we started getting less value while paying ever-increasing direct and indirect costs.

How is that possible? Well, that’s what happens when a few companies monopolize and divide the market. They turned their users into serfs, and they tax the hell out of millions of developers, kicking out anyone who dares to resist or even complain. That’s not healthy, but it’s nothing new. It’s what you get it you allow monopolies to thrive and break the rules. Luckily, we already have antitrust laws, so let’s modernize them and make them work for public benefit.