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Wi-Fi 6 Router

April 17, 2021

First, let me say that Wi-Fi 6 is not a revolutionary change in wireless communications. Yes, it’s a bit faster, and it has certain features aimed to make Wi-Fi more efficient in crowded places, but overall, I didn’t notice any difference in my home setup. I just saw a banner on my Internet provider’s website, and I decided to ask my provider about the possibility of upgrading the router. It uses GPON, so I can’t really go shopping and pick any router I like, unfortunately. It turned out, they offer free router upgrades, so I decided to use this opportunity. The router hardware is faster, which allows it to keep latency low under load, and their new firmware finally got advanced enough to allow custom MAC to IP mappings. I really missed that feature. Those improvements have nothing to do with Wi-Fi 6, by the way.