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Ubuntu 21.04

April 14, 2021

I didn’t plan to upgrade my Ubuntu 20.04 installations till the next LTS release, but purchasing new AMD CPU made me reconsider my commitment to LTS releases. The thing is: 21.04 has the newer kernel with complete support for new AMD CPUs. They work fine with 20.04, but they lack some thermal management features. I’m not even sure if I need those features, but complete support indeed sounds better than partial support.

21.04 isn’t that different from 20.04. The most noticeable changes are related to user interface, and they are pretty minor and incremental. I’ve been running this system for a while, and it seems to be very stable. The thing I miss the most from my old workstation is Wayland. I hope this GPU craze will end soon, and I’ll be able to buy Wayland-friendly AMD GPU.