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New PC

April 29, 2021

I love assembling new PCs, and I finally convinced myself to buy another one. Here are the specs:

Component Model Comments
Case Fractal Meshify 2 Compact -
Power supply Corsair CV 550 -
Motherboard X570 Aorus Master -
CPU AMD Ryzen 7 5800X The warranty do not extend beyond the first purchaser. What a bunch of assholes.
CPU cooler PC Cooler GI-CX 360 ARGB -
RAM Corsair CMD 32G DDR4 3466 C16 Old part, will replace later.
GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Old part, don’t buy that piece of garbage.
SSD Samsung 980 Pro 1 TB -

All of that hardware (except RAM and GPU), is latest-gen, which may raise a question about Linux compatibility. The answer is: it works like a charm! Linux kernel 5.11 fully supports the latest motherboard chipsets and AMD CPUs. Wi-Fi and Ethernet work without any issues. The motherboard has two Ethernet adapters from different vendors: one offers 2.5 gigabits, and the other one offers more conventional (and practical) 1 gigabit bandwidth.

As you may notice, one of those components looks odd. Why pick Linux-hostile Nvidia GPU? Well, I didn’t want to do it, but I wasn’t able to buy a new GPU because of the global supply shortages. I have no idea what causes those shortages: some sources say it’s a sign of inflation, others convinced that it’s the result of shitcoin mining craze. Let me clarify: Bitcoin has nothing to do with GPUs, it uses different hardware for mining, but there are thousands of digital coins, mostly run by scammers, and they often require GPUs to operate.