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March 18, 2021

I don’t have a lot of experience with web servers, which didn’t prevent me from publishing a few posts on this topic, of course. I always used Nginx wrapped in a container, so I decided to try bare Apache2. Containers are nice, but they don’t make much sense for my personal Nextcloud server. The isolation benefits are gone since there is nothing to isolate.

I guess I had some false pre-suppositions regarding Apache2. I expected it to be ancient, slow, and hard to set up. Nothing of that is actually true, Apache2 is an easy to use, transparent and well-documented webserver. The documentation is pleasure to read and Ubuntu integration is excellent. I used to rely on reverse proxies such as Traefik for managing my HTTPS certificates, but it’s even easier on a bare system. The certbot package is just one apt install away, and it even provides a Systemd timer which takes care of automatic renewals.