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Thailand Road Trip

December 24, 2020

Thailand attracts lots of foreigners every year and that’s why people tend to overestimate its reliance on the flow of international tourists. COVID-19 travel ban certainly hurts some businesses but not as hard as a casual observer may assume. Thailand generates about 10% of its GDP from tourism and about 40% of this sector actually comes from domestic tourism and not from foreign arrivals.

I’m not as obsessed with travel as some of my friends, but I do enjoy long car trips. Some people enjoy driving, but it’s actually the only thing I don’t like about travelling by car. The real benefit of using a car is the ability to explore places which are far from the major transport hubs and tourist hotspots. It gives me an opportunity to see things from a different angle. Such an experience tend to be more real and unpolished, it’s hard to get it when you travel by plane or public transport.

Thai roads are reasonably nice. The country itself isn’t too big, and the population density is high, which makes it impossible to get lost even if you’re completely unprepared for a long trip. There are plenty of gas stations everywhere, and they have pretty much anything that might be necessary to travel with comfort.