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December 25, 2020

Most people think that every mobile phone has a single app store. iPhones have App Store and Android phones have Google Play, right? This isn’t entirely true for Android, though. Yes, Google Play has a huge market share, and it’s practically a monopoly, for various reasons, but no one really stops you from using alternative app stores.

F-Droid is one of those alternatives. In fact, app store isn’t the best name because all the apps listed there are free and open source. In Linux terms, it’s a software repository. It’s still pretty niche, but there are a few killer apps which make it very attractive.

One of those apps is NewPipe. NewPipe is YouTube done right. It uses YouTube database, but it cuts ads, and it also allows you to play videos in the background. Some people might say that it’s unethical to hack YouTube but doing unethical things to unethical companies is not a big deal in my book.