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PostgreSQL 13

September 23, 2020

PostgreSQL is my favorite database, and it just got a new major update. Here are some of the new features that I find interesting:

  • Built in UUID generation: It always bothered me that I have to add uuid-ossp extension on order to be able to generate UUIDs. With the introduction of the built in gen_random_uuid function, there is no need to use that extension anymore. This is my favorite change since I don’t maintain large databases, so I won’t notice many other improvements.

  • B-Tree Deduplication: This feature reduces the size of your indices. It’s not that important if you have a bunch of small tables, but it’s certainly good news for anyone who stores a lot of data in their databases.

  • Parallel VACUUM: Now it’s possible to clean several indices simultaneously. Again, you need to have a lot of tables with a lot of indices to benefit from this feature.

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