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History of Object-Oriented Programming

September 20, 2020

I enjoyed reading this article and is sparked my interest in the history of different programming paradigms.

OOP is a dominant approach to software engineering but not everyone likes it and there are good reasons behind many of its criticisms. It’s easy to dismiss stuff we don’t like, but it’s more interesting to try to understand why some people have different opinions and why they come with certain ways of solving their problems.

I spent many years working on Java and Kotlin programs and of course I love OOP, although I never read about its roots. Not that I found anything unexpected in this article, except the fact that objects were supposed to be “active” which is pretty odd by modern standards. It got me thinking about other programming paradigms and the reasons why their inventors created them. I certainly should experiment more with other programming paradigms and read about their history, it seems like a lot of fun. Passing Lisp exams in my university wasn’t that fun, by the way.