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TypeScript Support in Hugo

July 3, 2020

Hugo is one of the best static site generators, and I use it despite the fact that I don’t really like Go. Unfortunately, Hugo lacks proper documentation, and sometimes its documentation is misleading. I once tried to open an issue which described a config where Hugo behavior contradicts its documentation. To my surprise, the answer was something like “Can’t you see the code? It actually does this thing and not that thing mentioned in the doc, so it’s fine, and we can just close the issue.”. People who are in charge of the project see no problem with such a contradiction. That’s a red flag but there aren’t many of them, for now.

Anyway, if you want to know what Hugo is capable of, don’t forget to check its release page on GitHub. That’s how I figured out that Hugo supports TypeScript. I had some experience with TypeScript last year, and I liked it more than JavaScript, so it was an easy sell. I try to keep things as static and non-interactive as possible so the migration was quick.