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Goodbye, Joda-Time

June 22, 2020

The first language I used professionally is Java 6. Even at that time it was already considered old and obsolete. Some of its native APIs are a pure horror, and that’s why the open source community created a lot of libraries that make Java 6 developer’s life a bit more pleasant. Joda-Time is still a great success, mostly because of a total failure which is a time API used in Java 6 and 7.

Old habits die hard, I guess. So, in June 2020 I finally decided to check if there are better tools than Joda-Time. Why change the things that work? Well, at least it would allow me to cut one more external dependency, which is already a good move in my book.

After doing some research, I ended up switching to Java 8 time API. It looks like it borrowed heavily from Joda-Time, which is pretty nice. Nothing to add here, really. It just works. The only difference is that my dependencies list had shrunk by one line. What a great use of human effort.