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Disco Elysium

June 7, 2020

Honestly, I don’t know why I still play video-games. For people of my age, it’s more orthodox to satisfy all the digital entertainment needs by using Netflix and Spotify. I have both, but I don’t use them often. Yea, I’m a pretty boring workaholic.

That might be true, but I would argue that modern music, movies and video-games are also pretty boring. Once you consume enough of each kind of entertainment, it all starts to look like an endless stream of deeply familiar patterns. I didn’t have high expectations of Disco Elysium, buy this game wildly exceeded my expectations.

The thing which sold it to me was an open world PRG label. It’s easy. See an open world RPG? Buy it. It works for me every time. Well, almost every time. I was expecting something like Diablo (I don’t know why, because of isometric view, maybe?) but I was faced with something closer to a quest game. This game is not based on fighting, it’s based on dialogs and the real beauty of Disco Elysium is the topics you have to discuss with different NPCs populating the game world. Expecting fights? Here is some dark humor and philosophical ramblings instead. Unexpected. Wow, that’s something new. I rarely finish main stories in games, and I must say, I really enjoyed every minute of Disco Elysium, and there are many minutes in 35 hours.