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May 13, 2020

I learned to touch type pretty late but hey, better late than never. There are plenty of typing tutoring software online and most of it either full of ads or it will try to sell you a subscription. I mean, there is nothing wrong with asking users to open their wallets and that’s how I actually learned to touch type. I used a paid service for a few months and I though that it’s pretty decent.

A couple of weeks ago, I’ve decided to improve my typing speed, so I started looking for some service again. Luckily, I first tried to search the apt repository before using a search engine and that’s how I found gtypist.

It turned out, that paid service that I used is crap. Well, at least compared to this free and beautiful tool. When I use gtypist I just feel that my skills improve a lot faster than when I use other tools. The fact that it doesn’t require an Internet connection is also pretty cool. I have a weird habit of practicing touch typing during my travel so the offline mode of operation is a very handy thing to have.