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Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich

May 2, 2020

Netflix knows how to retain its subscribers. Every time I start thinking about canceling my subscription or trying a different service, they release a bunch of great new movies that get me hooked and create a fear of missing out on something interesting if I stop using Netflix.

I’m a big fan of documentaries and an investigative journalism, and I must say, this new movie about Jeffrey Epstein is really great. I didn’t follow his story closely, so I didn’t know what a terrible guy he actually was and how much power he had. I heard that some nasty people give Richard Stallman a hard time in relation to some of his words about Jeffrey Epstein’s case. Well, now I understand why those words may sound provocative and controversial but still, it’s not cool to assault people and try to destroy their lives and careers just because they have different opinions. There is a huge difference between words and actions.

Words aren’t illegal, but stuff that Jeffrey Epstein did certainly is, and it’s good to know that he suffered the consequences. Interestingly, some victims that appeared in that movie seemed quite controversial, and I wonder if it’s intentional. Trying to frame everyone as either angels or daemons can do more harm than good because it destroys trust and trust is extremely important if we want to make people care about the crimes that were presented in that movie.