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December 11, 2019

I don’t watch as much video as many people seem to do, whether it’s YouTube or Netflix, but I have a weak spot for documentaries and the videos about economics. This month, I’ve come across a series of videos called “Free to Choose” featuring Milton Friedman. That’s a good set of videos where Friedman explains his brilliant ideas and then discusses them with different public figures. His verbal skills are fascinating, and I’ve never seen an economist who can explain complex things in such an easy and fun way as Mr. Friedman.

I also couldn’t ignore the hype around The Witcher on Netflix, so I watched it, and it’s a great movie. It’s hard to escape comparison with Game of Thrones, but I find The Witcher more fun and less dramatic. I mean, I liked the beginning of game of Thrones, but I couldn’t bear it after season 4 due to its extreme dullness.