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December 27, 2019

I don’t get all of that hype about travelling, but it’s nice to go somewhere a couple of times a year. Interestingly, remote lifestyle allows people to travel much more often, but I just feel that I need to “recharge” every time I come back home from a trip. Sometimes it feels better to work on some exciting new feature than to plan for a new trip and then move between hotels and hostels and spend countless hours in airports.

Thailand Car Trip

We’ve had a nice car trip from Phuket to north of Thailand and back. That’s kind of a new format to me, and I liked it. Going somewhere by car is pretty convenient, and you can spot a lot of hidden gems that are not as overcrowded as most of the places with proximity to an airport.

Samui and Pha Ngan


Second car trip in my life, this time much shorter: just a few days. It turned out to be enough to check both of those islands. I wouldn’t say that I liked them but those places are fine for a few days. It’s not that they are bad, there is just nothing to do there. I guess they are fine for a weed loving hippies or the people who enjoy nature and don’t mind the lack of infrastructure.

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I visit Moscow every year and 2019 wasn’t an exception. I always have mixed feelings about this city and Russia in general, there are still a lot of things that keep me connected to this country such as friends and family, but I’m glad that I don’t have to live there and that my work is not connected with this country in any way.

Moscow is a good city and it keeps getting better every year. The problem is, the rest of Russia doesn’t and the long term outlook is rather pessimistic for the whole country. Russian economy is a dumpster fire and there is a growing sense of uneasiness among people, who knows how and when it’ll end but it won’t end well.

Barcelona and Girona


I’m already in love with Spain, although I had only a few days at my disposal. Will definitely go there again.

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